Li Yong ist 3 Jahre alt und hat 8 Geschwister. Er und seine Familie leben in den Slums vor Liuku, sie haben nicht viel Geld, sein Vater ernährt die Familie mit seinem Dreirad-Taxi. Es reicht gerade mal für etwas zu Essen, für fließend Wasser und Schuhe nicht.


Li Yong ist ein großes Unglück widerfahren, er fiel vom Motorrad des Vaters und verlor sein rechtes Auge. Um das Leben des Jungen zu retten, sammelten alle Slumbewohner 6000 Yuan, um die Wunde des Jungen schließen zu lassen, und erste lebensgefährliche Infektionen zu meiden, aber mehr konnte die Gemeinschaft, welche selbst am Existenzminimum lebt, nicht entbehren.
Um die Augenhöhle des Jungen langfristig vor Sepsis zu schützen, bedarf es weiteren Operationen, und auch eines künstlichen Auges – ein Auge aus Glas.


Die Freiwilligen von Baumhaus haben sich für den Jungen entschieden und möchten ihm helfen, die erste Operation findet bereits in der nächsten Woche statt. Es ist ein komplizierter, und leider nicht der letzte Eingriff: Das künstliche Auge bedarf weiterer Operationen und intensiver Betreuung.
Wir möchten also für die Zukunft des Jungen sammeln, jeder Cent wird direkt in die medizinische Behandlung von Li Yong gehen:

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Name: Peter Jochimsen Stiftung
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Jeder Cent ist eine Hilfe und jede Geste kommt an! Vielen Dank.This is the three year old boy we saw in the street kids village/slum. He, his parents and his 8 siblings live together in a little hut close to Liuku. The family has been living there for about 6 years since they left their hometown Fugong due to poverty. They are now living together with 30 other families who settled down on the countryside next to the town.


As not everybody, especially members of minority groups has access to proper education, they are not able to communicate in Mandarin nor are they well grounded in other basic knowledges.
Two months ago the kid had an accident with a motorbike and lost his right eye. The village has collected 6000 Yuan (which is a lot of money, most of them earn 60 Yuan a month the most) to finance the boys urgent surgery about a month ago. Since the hospital in Liuku could not help the boy, they had to go to Kunming. During this surgery they removed the damaged eye, replaced it with contemporary glass eye and sutured the eyelid.

This seems to be the usual process to further the healing, but if they do not open the eye and replace the contemporary one anytime soon, there might be some serious inflammations. Like one can probably see in the pictures, the hygienic situation in this village is very bad and a dangerous environment for the sick child.

Since the village itself does not have enough money to pay for the next surgery (around 3000 Yuan), we would like to help them out. So far they have saved about 1000 Yuan and we asked them to get as much money as possible until Wednesday the 14th of March. By that time we will come back and see how much we can give them.
We are planning to send a volunteer with the oldest man in the village, who is also the boss, the mother and the kid to the hospital to see that everything goes well.
Giving him the glass eye and opening the lids, would mean to prevent further health issues and pain. In the future though, probably every three years, the eye needs to be renewed. This also requires big amounts of money…

We know that we can help them out now, but we are not certain about the future. Since this boy as much as the whole village has become really important to us and they are counting on us, we would do anything to support them.

As your work is all about blind children and as you have a certain network of hospitals and medical aid, we would be very thankful for everything you could do for us.
Please contact us as soon as possible because the surgery needs to take place next week.

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name: Peter Jochimsen Stiftung
account number: 1001630662
bank code: 210 501 70
bank: Förde-Sparkasse

Every cent will help and 100% of the donations will be used for the medical treatment.

Thank you very much for taking your time.

Best regards from the volunteers of the Baumhaus project in NuJiang valley