Huang Wan Sheng oder mit Englischem Namen einfach Bob ist ein junger Chinese der Teil des Sparks-Programmes ist. Sparks steht für die Hoffnungsfunken des Nujiang-Tals, einer der ärmsten Regionen im Südwesten Chinas. Diese Hoffnungsfunken sind Schüler aus der Region, die den Traum haben, an einer Universität zu studieren, um ihrer Heimat Hoffnung zu geben. Bob studiert inzwischen an der YuXi ShiFan DaXue (YuXi Normal University) Informatik, was durch Spenden ermöglicht wird. Zum Semesterende hat er zwei Berichte zu seinen bisherigen Universitätserfahrungen und seinen persönlichen Veränderungen geschrieben:

The report of my progress and personal development

Dear Sir or Madam:

The last semester, with the help of the Peter Jochimsen Foundation, I enjoyed my university′s life very much, I am heartfelt thanks very much about the“Baum Haus” Foundation’s help.  And I want to say“thank you Mr Peter Jochimsen and all of the'Boum Haus'volunteers”. If don’t have the foundation's help, maybe I would give up my study. In fact, in this ago, I am always not only worried about my school things, but also worried about my school fee and my parents'health, especially in the senior three. But now, something is better because of your help!Then, I will tell you about further progress with my study and my personal development.

About my first university's life —— First of all, I am the monitor of our class and I learned a lot from it. I like this job very much and I always try my best to do it , my classmates and teachers commend my ability to provide for my class. Secondly, I enhance my skills by joined some university's clubs, I took part in The Student Union and organized some activities, we helped many poor old man and some children. I enjoy it very much. Thirdly, I also studied hard and got good grade in the final exam and passed the College English Test Brand 4. Surely, I also did some part-time jobs in my spare time.

If you ask me, what will I do in the future what is my plan about next semester. I want to say , I want to be a strong teacher, I want to have my own school in the future, I work by myself. Because I think I to be teacher of in somewhere school, I only can teach few of students. More importantly, I don’ t have enough ability to help some poor student. So if I have my own school, not only I can teach, but also but also I can help more and more poor students. Not only can give they some material needs, also can give education, which is my real dream. And I will try let it happen. It is not only my dream, but also the Baum haus gave me this dream .

In this semester, I will try my best to read more books to enhance my knowledge. And I will prepare for College English Test Brand 6. Moreover, I will make some money by do part-time job in my spare time, then I will do something that I want to do. Surely, I will adhere to study hard and enjoy more clubs.

At the end of it I want say again “thank you very much”, because had your help, I become more self- confident and happier!

Wish all the best!

                                                                                       Bob, 2015.3.1

Bob 4

Dear Sir

How are you? I am Bob; Chinese name is Huang Wansheng, who is supported by you. My family thanks very much for your help. Now I am studying at Yu xi University and everything is good, I can receive 600 Yuan per month and received my school fee 4900 Yuan last term. I really want to thank this warm hearted organization and you, you help me make my university’s life so meaningful.

This year, I am our class monitor; I organized some activities, which made my campus life busier and more interesting. On the winter vacation, I organized the tutor center school, I began to as tutor of two students, they are boys, lovely. Then, I recruit five students from senior and primary school, I help them do their homework and made up the lessons they missed everyday. Teaching is learning, teaching made the pressure, but it helped me learn how to teach and get along with students well. Moreover, I made some money from the tutor job to help my family.

My father has severe rheumatism, if the rheumatism breaks; he can’t walk and need to rest three or four month. My mother has severe gynaecopathia and retarded, sometimes, they were ill. I need to go back home to care for them or take them to hospital and can’t earn any money for my sister and me. I want to keep my study, so I try my best to earn money for this family and my school fee. I think I am so lucky. First of all, I met so many warm hearted people. My teachers always not only help my study but also give me some clothes. More importantly, I met the volunteers; they are so friendly and nice. With the volunteers’ encouragement, I have the bravery to face the life and get much happiness. I want to say, I like spending time with the volunteers very much. And it changes me a lot; I can say that if I haven’t met those volunteers I wouldn’t have today’s life. At least, I wouldn’t come to university because of my family and my sister is still in university. Every year, I not only have to support my parents but also pay some my sister’s school fee. I felt so stressful, but two years ago, Nora who is one of my best volunteer friends, She told me this organization of “tree house” can help me. I became so happy and excited. Now, I get so much happiness with “tree house” sunshine. I tried to find what is my dream, what will I do, I become more confident.

Today I have my own dream, I want to be a teacher, but not stay in just some school, I want to have my own school. On the one hand, there is employment pressure in China. One the other hand, the tree house let me know help people is the most meaningful things and I want to help more people by my school.

Maybe I am young. can you give me some ideas about my dream and something else?

I repeat my thanks again for your kind help .Please give my kind regards to your family and this kind organization!

Leider ist noch nicht genug Geld an Spenden gesammelt worden um Huang Wan Shengs Studium komplett zu finanzieren. Bisher wurde in etwa die Hälfte der benötigte Summe von ca. 5600 Euro aufgebracht.

Wenn Sie Huáng Wàn Shēng mit einer Spende unterstützen wollen, können sie das hier tun. Helfen sie uns, sein Leben zu verändern.

  Bob 2